Ye Olde Book Shoppe is Hiring

Northumberland Public Library is now hiring a part-time Manager for our Book shop.  Individuals applying should meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least 3-5 years of management experience in a retail setting
  • Be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Be able to sort through donations and discern what can be kept and what needs to be discarded, donations are often moldy and dusty, these are factors which will have to be dealt with on a normal basis
  • Manage a team of over 60 volunteers and set weekly schedules
  • Cover those shifts not covered which include Thursday-Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-2
  • Clean and maintain an organized shop including sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom
  • Organize window displays for holidays and other occasions
  • Organizing and maintaining other displays throughout the store
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Working with the Library director to produce new ideas to increase sales and implantation of those ideas
  • Working with the team assigned to post books on eBay including discerning those books that should warrant posting
  • Be computer and technology literate to the extent needed for the position

If you meet these qualifications please send in your resume and cover letter to:       Northumberland Public Library

7204 Northumberland Hwy

Heathsville, VA 22473


Or email it to:

Upon receipt and review of your qualifications an application will be emailed to you as well as a request for further information if you qualify.

Questions call 804-580-5051 9-5 Monday through Friday and ask for Jane.

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