How to Play Teen Bingo

Summer Reading Teen Bingo

Download from the link above.

*Read a book or complete an activity for a square
*Each time you have completed a square, fill in the information
*When you have read or completed 5 activities in a row
(vertical, horizontal or diagonal) you have reached Book BINGO!
*Give your completed card to library staff and you will be entered into a
drawing for one of several prize baskets
*NMS students may turn cards in to Mrs. Stacey Lee in the fall
*NMS students: Please list all books you read to turn in to Mrs. Lee
*June 1: BINGO starts
*August 15: BINGO ends
Last day to turn in cards
*1 BINGO per card. You may turn in 2 cards.
*A book can be used in 1 square only
Name ________________________________________________
Phone __________________________

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