Solar eclipse safe viewing tutorial

Northumberland Public Library will present a class on safely viewing the upcoming solar eclipse, which doesn't take place until Monday 21 August.
This class will be taught by our resident Celestial Navigation Instructor Jim Schmalz. Jim is concerned that many folks will buy "special" eclipse glasses, or try to use ordinary sunglasses, to protect their eyes. These methods are far from fool-proof. He has many schemes, including reflections from mirrors, home-made pinhole boxes, and tents that will safely afford viewing by young ones and even large groups, all of which he will introduce and explain during this fascinating class. There's no "bad magic" in a Solar Eclipse, but many folks, and children who don't know better, may end up with a long-lasting, dark "after-image" if they look at the bright Sun for too long. More than a glance is much too long.
The eclipse from Heathsville, and anywhere else north of Charleston South Carolina, will be partial. The Sun will never become fully covered, and even our 82 percent covered will still remain dangerously bright.
Jim will be in St. Louis, in the path of totality, on Monday 21 August.
Pray for good weather, all across the USA.

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