This Summer become an eBay Aficionado!!


eBay remains one of the best online marketplaces but not everyone knows how to use it. Northumberland Public Library Director Alice Cooper will teach two classes in July, that will introduce patrons to the online auction house and how to safely purchase items as well as how to become a top eBay seller.

The first class is Friday, July 8th at 1:30 and will discuss how to make a purchase on eBay. The class will include: setting up eBay and PayPal identities, searching strategies, how to purchase items, and how to maintain an excellent eBay rating.

The second class on Friday, July 15th at 1:30 will show you how to sell on eBay. The class will include setting up eBay and PayPal identities, selling strategies, the process of getting your item to your customer, and the importance of maintaining an excellent eBay rating.

Classes are free but registration is required. Classes will be held in the library’s public meeting room: 7204 Northumberland Hwy., Heathsville. To register call: 580-5051 or send an email to

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