Library Helps Crowdsourcing Initiative for Broadband Access

Many of the Northern Neck’s backroads and farms are without internet access. Known as the “last mile” a new state initiative is giving voice to the webless with a crowdsourcing initiative to pinpoint those communities on a map. The Northumberland Public Library is asking patrons without internet to come to the library to fill out the RUOnlineVA survey that will put their residence on the map and guide the state in identifying where broadband services are most needed in the county.

“This initiative gives citizens and businesses the opportunity to have a direct impact on the future of broadband in the Commonwealth,” said Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson. “By identifying where the greatest demand is, RUOnlineVA will set a foundation for state-level broadband strategies and policies that will help get broadband to every part of Virginia.”

To participate in the RUOnlineVA, use Northumberland Public Library’s internet access to log onto or call 877-969-6685. The survey will run through early August and consists of a few simple questions regarding where you live and what level of connectivity you have. Responses will be aggregated, mapped, and shared with policymakers and the public to stimulate broadband policy and funding discussions. For more information on how to take the survey contact the Northumberland Public Library at: 580-5051

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