BOOKS ALIVE! at the Northumberland Public Library

Join us for Books Alive on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Free and refreshments served, books available for purchase. Books Alive is a program of the Friends of the Library.  804-580-5051

Her mother sternly said, “Gene! Stop that tap dancing right now! You’re going to dance your way to hell!” The first half of her life surely felt that way – three sexual assaults, two abusive husbands, three children for whom she was the sole provider. Nevertheless, during that same period of her life, Gene and her violin went on a summer tour with young Billy Graham. She was also given a TV contract with the original Hank Williams Band in Montgomery, Alabama, as twin fiddler. DANCING MY WAY THROUGH HELL! focuses on life struggles and a forgiving spirit which was the key to bringing Gene through those experiences in six states from coast to coast and leading her to an amazing future.



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