1968 Tet Offensive Lecture at Northumberland Public Library on February 4


Tet, the 1968 battle that was a major turning point in the Vietnam War, will be the subject of a lecture by Don Hirst, who was present during the battle at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon and went on to cover the war as a civilian journalist at the end of his second Vietnam tour of duty in the fall of that year. The talk – Tet and Afterward – will take place in the library’s Meeting Room at 8 p.m. February 4 and a question and answer period will follow. There is no charge for this event.

Historians often compare the Tet Offensive to World War II’s Ardennes Offensive, commonly called the Battle of the Bulge. Both were major surprise attacks launched by enemy forces against American units.

During Tet, Don Hirst was an enlisted Army photographer whose photographs of the embassy battle received widespread play around the world. One of them has been used as the cover shot of at least two books (see attached photo). He subsequently was hired as a photographer/reporter by a small weekly newspaper and covered the war until 1972. He currently serves as the library’s part-time publicist.

An exhibit of some of his work during Vietnam will be on display for the entire month of February in the display cases inside the library’s foyer. The library is located at 7204 Northumberland Highway, Heathsville, VA, 22473. Questions? Call the library at (804) 580-5051.

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