Parade of Pets Story Hour Drew Dozens to the Northumberland Public Library

Pet Parade 1 2015Pet Parade 2

More than 40 participants attended the Parade of Pets Story Hour on November 5 at the Northumberland Public Library.

Jan Bates, the Coordinator of Children’s Programs, read “Prudence Wants A Pet” and “I Need A Snake” to the children and then the fun began. Jorie and Jayna Ruth Bramblett brought several of their pets to share including a hamster, sugar gliders and a pet bird.  Jorie, who is employed by the Northumberland County Animal Shelter, also brought a rabbit (who now has a forever home) and a ferret (who still needs a forever home) to share with the kids.  Chance Jett brought her three pet chickens and told everyone all about how well trained they are. Finally, Bates brought in her own pet, pug Dixie Jean.

“It is bring-a-dog-to-work day for me,”  Bates said.

The event concluded when kids and pets paraded through the library. Then they had a snack: bags of “People Kibble.”

Photo captions:

Jan Bates read two children’s books at the event. Photo by Karen Whelan

 Jorie Bramblet brought a rabbit. Photo by Karen Whelan

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