Spooky Tales at the Library Drew Big Crowd

Spooky Tales 1 2015

Spooky Tales 3 2015 Spooky Tales 4 2015Spooky Tales 5

More than 120 people showed up at the Northumberland Public Library for a special Halloween-themed event October 29: Spooky Tales at the Library.

There were several Story Stations to choose from. Witch and Ghost in the Graveyard featured Jan Bates and Ken Land.  Library Director Alice Cooper ran Steampunk while Pirate and Parrot featured Kara Goodrow and her pet parrot. There was also a Mad Scientist (John Cooper), and Bat Lady in her Bat Cave (Cate Land).

About 10 volunteers, including several teens and tweens, helped library staff organize and run this successful event. Kids had treats to eat and also were handed goody bags of items which would remind them of the various spooky tales.


Top: Jan Bates, the Coordinator of Children’s Programs, was the Witch in the Graveyard. Photo by Carol Kenefick.

(Middle, left photo) The Mad Scientist (John Cooper). Photo by Carol Kenefick

 (Middle, right photo) Left to right: Alice Cooper, Kara Goodrow and Sam Hooker. Photo by Carol Kenefick

Bottom: Board of Trustees President Eve Jordan, left, and Library Director Alice Cooper, right. Photo by Carol Kenefick


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