Northumberland Public Library’s Space Heroes Camp Soared Into Orbit

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The Northumberland Public Library hosted its Second Annual Space Camp from August 12 to 14. The summer’s theme was “Every Hero Has a Story,” and about 15 youth ages 8 to 12 learned about Space Heroes, both in history and up to the present day.

Participants made space ships, created space-theme parks and ended with blasting off a Mento-CocaCola rocket. In keeping with the spirit of the event, space-themed snacks served each day included Tang and Astronaut Ice Cream. The library’s first Space Camp was held last summer and it had a successful launch. The 2015 event won’t be the last one, either. The library looks forward to continuing this annual tradition in 2016. ¬†During the three-day Space Camp, mastermind Jan Bates, the library’s Coordinator of Children’s Programs, was assisted by former NASA executive Lance Marston, Dr. Minoo Dastoor and Library Director Alice Cooper.

Photo captions, left to right:

Space Camp participants work on a project. Photo by Karen Whelan

Former NASA executive Lance Marston observes Space Camp participants at work. Photo by Karen Whelan

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