Readers Theater Performance Drew Large Crowd

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Magicians, Mighty Mouse, Cinderella and more wowed scores of children and parents during the Northumberland Public Library’s Readers Theater performance on Wednesday August 5.

The performance, held in the Heathsville United Methodist Church, capped a free two-day workshop for kids of middle school age who signed up for it. The program began with the Hughes Brothers Magic Show. Seth Hughes and his brother Isaac, part of the What If…Wednesday Homeschoolers, wowed the audience with an assortment of magic tricks.

Dramatizations from several children’s stories, including ones featuring Cinderella and Mighty Mouse, rounded out the event. The program drew wows and applause from the audience and there was no doubt that a great time was had by all who came.

Photo captions — photos from left to right

Mighty Mouse (Channing Reynolds, right) saves the day for (left to right) Marion Covel, Chase Kitchen and Graci Ann Hall. Photo by Don Hirst

 From left to right: Graci Ann Hall, Marion Covel, Chase Kitchen (the Prince), Channing Reynolds and Kendra Jett in a scene from Cinderella. Photo by Don Hirst

 Seth Hughes, right, and brother Issac performed during the Hughes Brothers Magic Show. Photo by Don Hirst

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