Summer’s First “Read to the Dogs” Event Held at the Northumberland Public Library

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August brings the dog days of summer, and that was especially true at the Northumberland Public Library on August 4. That’s when the library’s first “Read to the Dogs” event made its 2015 debut.

Children of any age come in for one designated hour every Tuesday in August at 10 a.m. Kids read aloud – with either their own book or a book from the library – for 10 minutes or so to a docile dog. Dog handlers will read aloud to non-readers who want to share in the fun. The free program, which runs until August 25, started last summer.

On hand at the 2015 debut were three dogs and their owners: Lucien and owner Brynna Brennan, Pepper and owner Laurie Morissette, and Reille accompanied by owner Marti Nelson.

“I’m glad it’s still going on,” said Nelson, who also participated last summer. “It helps the kids get back into the swing of things.”

Morissette said this was the first day for Pepper and the dog “is getting used to it. He likes seeing the children.” This was the second year for Brennan and her dog Lucien. “It’s great to see the kids read to the dogs,” Brennan said. “They really seem to enjoy it.”

Children agreed with that assessment. Typical was Brayden Newsome, 7. “It was fun,” he said.

“Read to the Dogs” is held 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. each Tuesday through August 25. The library is located at 7204 Northumberland Highway, Heathsville, VA 22473. Questions? Call the library at (804) 580-5051 for more information.

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Anijah Dooke, 5, (center), Darnisha Pitts (left) with Brynna Brennan and dog Lucien. Photo by Don Hirst

Brayden Newsome, 7, (left), Ronnie Rock, 4, (center), Kelsey Newsome, 6, (right) with Laurie Morissette and dog Pepper. Photo by Don Hirst

Anijah Dooke, 5, (left), Darnisha Pitts (center) with Reille and owner Marti Nelson (right). Photo by Don Hirst

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