Northumberland Public Library Special Reading Event Draws Big Crowd

Mad Scientist 2Mad Scientist 3Mad Scientist 1

The Northumberland Public Library’s June 29 Special Reading Event drew an estimated audience of about 260 to the Northumberland Family YMCA in Heathsville. They experienced a fun-filled and informative hour with Atomic Ali, the Mad Scientist.

The event – “Fire and Ice” — saw the Mad Scientist use everything from dry ice to Eggbert the Egg to wow the children and pique their interest in science. The show included several demonstrations of the properties of dry ice – frozen carbon dioxide – and even featured a dry ice bubble bath and dry ice showers.

The finale was particularly impressive. Clouds of “fog” generated by mixing water with chunks of dry ice gave the audience a firsthand look at how dry ice is used in movies for special effects.

Audience members said they really enjoyed themselves. Jacob Neff, 11, called it “awesome” and also informative. Kemyah Johnson, 11, liked the dry ice demonstration. Johnson said that she was already interested in science, but the Special Reading Event gave it a boost.

It was cool,” she said.

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